High Quality Bandwidth Increases Your Sales

In today's competitive internet environment, it is essential to provide fast, accurate, high grade bandwidth to your servers. Gone are the days when servers were happily hosted in local offices. Fast bandwidth is vital due to the amount of variable and dynamic content available for download from the internet.

The two main data centre sites in the UK are Telehouse, London, and MaNOC, in Manchester. These facilities house some of the top peering points in the UK and Europe. Having servers located at either of these sites means your UK customers are able to view web pages faster than they could just about anywhere else in Europe.

How can high quality bandwidth help my business?

The faster the bandwidth and the faster your server, the better the customer experience for someone viewing the site. It is now common knowledge amongst the top marketers that quicker bandwidth with a quicker web site are the most important ingredients to a successful web marketing campaign. Just think: how much patience would you have with a website that's on a permanent go slow? This is the single largest reason that people will click away from your site.

UKFast set out its intentions from the outset. In fact the company was founded by Lawrence Jones back in 1999 because of the hopelessness of his own hosting provider. The name UKFast demonstrates the emphasis we place on our "fast network."

Twelve years on, the only thing that has changed is the internet. We're sure you'll agree the medium is considerably larger, but UKFast has climbed its way to the top. Our four consecutive ISPA "Best Hosting" awards prove UKFast is now the market leader in managed hosting. For companies wishing to market their products to UK consumers and businesses, our emphasis is still on providing the very best in managed bandwidth for thousands of customers.

To find out more about high quality bandwidth and the services we offer or the constraints of "unlimited bandwidth" which is brandished around many sites these days please do call us on 0800 458 4545.