WWF calls for UK emissions standard

The UK should introduce an emissions standard to set legal limits on the amount of CO2 that new and replacement power stations can emit, WWF says.

The conservation organisation says the government should ensure that no new coal-fired stations are built in the UK until carbon capture and storage (CCS) has been proven to work on a large scale and can be installed from the outset.

Its call comes as the government is considering whether to give approval for a new coal-burning power station at Kingsnorth in Kent.

Building of such stations is controversial as they have the potential to help the UK to meet energy demand but there are concerns about the impact of CO2 emissions.

CCS could help as it traps CO2 and transports it underground to geological sinks for storage.

But the WWF is concerned the technology has yet to be demonstrated on a large-scale power plant anywhere in the world.

"Reliance on an as yet unproven technology, however promising it may be, is a risky business - the future of the planet's climate cannot rely upon good intentions."

Mr Allott added that renewables should form the bulk of UK energy sources but said fossil fuels with proven CCS could also play a role.

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