Floating wind turbine to be piloted

The world's first floating wind turbine is to be piloted off the southern coast of Italy.

UK firm Blue H, which is based in Holland, intends to trial the device later this month, reports the Guardian.

The turbine, which will be located in deep water far from land, will be exposed to greater wind speeds than its onshore counterparts.

According to Neal Bastick, head of Blue H, the firm intends to build similar constructions off the coast of Scotland and the north-east of the US.

He said: "Within a few years I would very much like to be placing these off Britain."

Electricity from the turbines, which should be able to operate in water between 50m and 300m deep, would be sent back to the land using undersea cables.

Meanwhile, according to a recent report in the Times, a planning application has been lodged for the UK's first commercial hydrocarbon balancing plant.

The facility would use excess electricity produced by a wind farm to split hydrogen from water, which is then stored in cells.

When the wind drops, the hydrogen can subsequently be converted back into electricity, thus enabling a constant power supply.

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