Voltage Adaptation Could Increase Energy Efficiency

A new method of voltage adaption has been developed that is said to enable less energy use in the home.

Karen Ford, the senior executive of powerPerfector has stated this week that buildings in the UK are normally supplied with 240 volt sockets, but that this may be unnecessarily high.

Ford says that most electrical equipment will work at an optimum level with only a 220 volt power supply.

This discovery prompted the company to develop a new energy saving product named "Voltage Power Optimisation".

This device adapts mains voltages to the optimum level and is said to cut down on energy use and carbon emissions by up to 20 per cent.

Ford stated: "This presents a huge opportunity in UK built environments to save kilowatt hours, because we can optimise power at the point of supply using voltage power optimisation. This will save energy, cost and carbon as well."

As the confederation of British Industry has confirmed that the UK wastes roughly £15 million a day through energy inefficiency in buildings, this new device could make a huge difference.

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