BWEA set to rebrand as Renewable UK

The British Wind Energy Association (BWEA) looks set to park its tanks on the lawn of the Renewable Energy Association (REA) with proposals to rebrand the trade association as Renewable UK.

The BWEA, which has more than 540 members, about a third of which come from the wave and tidal energy sectors, has this week written to its members proposing the rebranding. The proposition has the backing of the trade association's board and members are now expected to vote on the plan at the group's annual general meeting on 17 December.

Speaking to, Charles Anglin, BWEA director of communications, said the aim of the new name was to better reflect the breadth of the organisation's membership, which since 2004 has included marine energy firms.

"The intention is for a name that is clear, that says what it is we do, and that separates us from the alphabet soup of trade associations," he said, adding that the new name would also give the organisation the capacity for potential future expansion into other technology areas.

Anglin played down the suggestion that the selection of the name Renewable UK was chosen to put the organisation into direct conflict with the REA, which up to now has been the main trade group for the wider renewable energy sector in the UK. "This is about the future of the BWEA and putting us in the best position to represent the interests of our members," he said.

However, has learned that the proposed rebranding follows the collapse of recent talks between the BWEA and the REA about the possibility of merging the organisations. It now appears likely that the two groups will increasingly compete for members as the BWEA seeks to replicate the success it has enjoyed in the wind sector across other parts of the renewable e nergy industry.

A spokeswoman for the REA declined to comment on the developments

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