Tories go Nuclear - Too Little Too Late

The UK is facing at least two years of power cuts in five years time, despite the conservatives promise to revive nuclear power.

Following the policy's release on Friday, it is clear that the "energy security" from Nuclear power that was originally promised by the party will not come in time to prevent necessary power cuts.

Nuclear power currently provides 14 per cent of electricity provided to the UK; however by 2022 all but one of the current generators are set to close.

The Conservatives have also revealed a controversial plan to prop up carbon prices.

The strategy document outlines that the volatile nature of carbon prices has had negative effects on trading. "Such price volatility and market uncertainty that it has had the opposite of its intended effect: it has made long-term investments more risky and therefore more costly, and so less likely to be made."

The Tories feel that if they can manage the price of carbon with an energy tax, which would kick in when the price of carbon fell below a desired level. Of course energy companies will pass this on to customers, pushing up the cost of carbon all round.

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