Gordon Brown believes agreement at COP15 is on

Gordon Brown has spoken of his belief delegates at the Copenhagen climate change talks can come to an agreement by this Friday.

He also hopes a legally binding deal will come within six months of any agreement delegates come to in Copenhagen.

Speaking yesterday (December 16) at the Bella Centre in Copenhagen Mr Brown said world leaders faced a 'test' to ensure a deal was sealed.

Mr Brown said: "I think we come to Copenhagen knowing it's a test of global leaders ... we're inspired by a common purpose and I hope we can chart a way forward."

Mr Brown said he was meeting later tonight to tackle deforestation and wanted to ensure a deal on financing as soon as possible.

He added: "I want a legally binding treaty within six months, I know we won't get that on Friday, but we can reach our conclusions and get a legally binding agreement as soon as possible.

"There is an issue about not just getting an agreement but getting it honoured, we've met our Kyoto targets, a legally binding treaty will allow us to take action together.

"One of the ways we can make sure people keep their promises is the internet as people cannot keep quiet and hide behind national borders - all their promises are out there on the internet."

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