Plans put forward to perfect wind power

The problems associated with wind power being unreliable may be a thing of the past if new proposals get the go-ahead.

Planning application for a commercial hydrogen balancing plant has been lodged, with a view to constructing the £20 million facility in Kilbirnie, North Ayrshire.

The system has been described as the holy grail of renewable energy when combined with wind power, as it would negate the issue of wind energy only working when the wind is blowing, the Times reports.

Supplies of energy would be constantly generated, as in low times of demand, the power would be used to separate hydrogen from water.

Hydrogen would then be stored in fuel cells, so that when wind levels lessen, the gas could be converted into electricity and thereby producing a constant energy supply.

In addition, the fuel could be used to power hydrogen-powered vehicles.

The Times asserts that this is the first example of such a venture in the UK.

Elsewhere in the UK, plans to erect a wind turbine tower near Garstang have encountered problems with Blackpool Airport since it has raised concerns about potential interference with air traffic.

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