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Online total dry solids measurement just got easy

PROCESS Instruments has introduced a device to transform measuring dry solids in wastewater sludges.

The company is so confident that this product will meet the needs of its customers it is offering a number of them on a 'sale or return' basis.

The HK-1 Microwave Total Solids Analyser can potentially save thousands of pounds for de-watering plants. Knowing the dry solids content of the dewatered sludge allows operators to optimise their process to their particular needs and therefore save money.

For many operators the goal is to minimise the polymer used to achieve a constant solids value for others it may be to maximise their solids content to reduce the tinkering of water thereby making cost saving in the tens of thousands pounds a year.

Whatever the goal of a company the automatic control of the polymer dose and other process variables allows the dewatering process to react to changes in the sludge/polymer makeup. An integral part of any such control system is an on-line solids analyser.

The HK-1 Microwave Total Solids Analyser is the perfect online instrument to do this job. It is accurate to 0.5 per cent so is a product you can rely on. It can measure from 3 per cent to 60 per cent dry solids. Other extra improvements are that the analyser is self cleaning and requires no routine operator intervention, with calibration checks only once a year.

Dr Craig Stracey of Process Instruments said: "We are committed to providing solutions to process water, waste, chemical, and paper industries. Within these industries it is very important to be able to rely on your equipment, the accuracy and extra improvements to our Solids Analyser give operators one less thing to worry about, trust in your instruments is vital and we can provide that."

Process Instruments, which operates across the UK and Europe, is based in Burnley, Lancashire and is dedicated to providing solutions to problems in the water, waste, chemical and paper industries. Clients include Georgia Pacific, St Regis, Rhodia, Bristol Water, Northumbrian Water, Urenco, and Dow Chemicals.

For more information visit the website

Or contact: Mike Riding

Process Instruments (UK) Ltd

Process House

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BB11 5UB

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