Ofgem Launches New Accreditation

Ofgem is set to launch a new accreditation scheme which should allow for more clarity for consumers implementing green energy initiatives.

Datamonitor, who revealed this information, believes that the "Green Energy Certification Scheme" will allow for more trust among organisations who are struggling with unclear tariffs and a complex legal framework.

Maria Dias from the independent business analyst, said that these new guidelines will "raise the bar" for Britain's green energy market.

"The implementation of a label may actually enforce effective changes to green tariffs, while the guidelines alone did not," she stated.

"A lack of clarity has weakened consumers' trust in green energy but certification can help to rebuild that trust."

Dias went on to explain that she had high hopes that other accreditation schemes may now also emerge . She believes increased accreditation is always a powerful thing as it can bring "credibility and informed choices" for electricity consumers.

Ofgem has stated that its top priorities are promoting a competition in Britain's gas and electricity markets as well as contributing to the fight against climate change.

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