Waste Management New Government Focus

Waste management should become a key priority for the new Government.

Government is told that they should focus on certain key areas to ensure that waste management improves to the benefit of the environment. These areas include: finance, energy generation and providing a clear energy framework.

This message was delivered by two major trade associations this week, the CIWM and ESA as they spelt out what the priorities of the new government would be.

Experts stated that a proper infrastructure, as well as better planning, were both essential to ensure confidence increased and people chose to reinvest in the sector.

Both associations also said that it was essential for the new Government to recognise the value of waste as an energy source.

Although both associations agreed that the Government should focus on finance, they differed slightly on focus.

A spokesperson from the ESA said 'a floor under landfill tax rates to act as a long term driver to encourage investment' and a streamlined procurement process to cut costs for contractors and councils we essential.

The ESA also suggested three other areas should become priority- clear incentives for recycling, improvements in health & safety regulation and making sure that European directives affecting the industry are transferred into UK law in a timely fashion.

CIWM took a slightly different tact saying, there is a need for 'meaningful investment support for new and greener technologies'.

The association said it wants to see 'clear, strategic objectives that marry together energy, material resources, low carbon and climate change imperatives' and a commitment to enforcing and combating environmental crime.

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