Climate is Changing at a Rapid Rate

The Met Office has conducted a review re-iterating that the climate on Earth is indeed changing at a rapid pace.

Additionally, the research confirmed that "man-made greenhouse gas emissions are very likely to be the cause".

The report revealed that long-term changes to weather and climate patterns have been observed around the world.

While some change in world climate is natural, the Met claimed that these patterns "bear the fingerprint of human influence".

Peter Stott, head of climate monitoring and attribution at the Met Office, commented: "The science reveals a consistent picture of global change that clearly bears the fingerprint of man-made greenhouse gas emissions.

"This shows the evidence of climate change has gone beyond temperature increases - it is now visible across our climate system and all regions of the planet. Our climate is changing now and it's very likely human activity is to blame."

Changes in the planet are not limited to temperature increase, although records show the planet has warmed by almost one degree C in the past century.

Rainfall patterns have also been altered, as have humidity levels, ocean temperatures, salinity and the prevalence of sea-ice.

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