Green car future for Europe

Eight in ten cars sold in Europe will be in the less than 150g/km carbon emissions band by 2015, a new report has suggested.

The study by Frost & Sullivan indicated that the average vehicle in the Continent will be five per cent lighter and produce 30 per cent less carbon in the next five years.

Around eight to ten million cars are also expected to be in the less than 120g/km emissions band, as countries race to meet European CO2 standards.

Manufacturers are keen to capitalise on this change, according to Frost & Sullivan, as consumers begin to become more conscious about their transport options.

Key technologies that will aid this transition are engine downsizing, hybridisation, start-stop mechanisms and gasoline direct injection.

Hariher Balasubramanian, an analyst at Frost & Sullivan, said: "Premium manufacturers such as Daimler and BMW are likely to use a combination of electric vehicles, hybridisation, and downsizing to achieve their 2015 CO2 emission target of 130g/km, while volume manufacturers will use a mix of green technologies such as gasoline direction injection, variable valve train and start-stop systems."

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