Design Award Issued to Low Carbon Packaging Design

Computer company Litl has been awarded a prize for its pioneering packaging designs.

Litl announced today that the creative packaging for its web book device had been awarded a "prestigious design award" from ID magazine.

In a statement today, a company spokesperson said that because the design allows the device to be shipped in just this packaging, it will be able to reduce the company's carbon footprint by, "eliminating the need for additional boxes and minimising the space needed for transportation".

The entire parcel for the new design is made from recyclable paper and does not use any plastics or foam.

The new design also adapts the traditional lengthy instruction manual with illustrations on "whimsical cards" to guide the user simply through the use of the computer without the need for large amounts of paper.

This award comes after the entire UK retail sector pledged to reduce its carbon footprint earlier this year by altering its packaging techniques.

The Courtauld Commitment which was drawn up creates a contractual obligation for 28 major retailers and food brands to reduce the carbon emissions associated with packaging by ten per cent on 2009 levels by the year 2012.

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