Living roofs 'can help combat climate change'

The mayor of London has launched a report in conjunction with Design London, which promotes the use of living roofs and walls.

Green roofs are vegetated roofs or those with vegetated spaces, according to

The support these roofs have had from Design London is due to a variety of factors, but high among them is the fact that it is thought that these roofs will mitigate the effect of climate change.

Peter Bishop, director of the company, commented that green roofs will help increase biodiversity and provide accessible roof space, as well as environmentally-friendly insulation.

Similarly, Ken Livingstone has voiced support for the initiative. He stated: "Excellent architecture and urban design is required if London is to adapt to the extremes of climate change.

"Not only do they reduce energy use and carbon dioxide emissions and reduce flood risk, they also provide insulation and last but not least, improve the appearance of our city for Londoners and visitors alike."

People in the UK are planning on spending £13 billion on green home improvements in 2008, according to the Co-operative Bank.

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