HP Use Cow Dung to Power Data Centre

Hewlett Packard has today announced new environmental plans to run its servers on cow dung.

Researchers from HP have discovered that the waste could be used as an alternative to traditional data centre power sources.

The company made the announcement at its Fourth Internetional Conference on Energy Sustainability in Phoenix Arizona which took place yesterday.

A spokesperson from the conference stated that a farm with around 10,000 dairy cows could potentially power a data centre of 1 mega-watt.

This prediction is based upon the average cow producing 54.7 kilo-grams of waste during its lifetime and the company stated that from just one cow, they could produce 3kWh of power.

This means that from 10,000 cows they could gain 30,000kWh of power and therefore power the 1MW data centre.

Green experts are hoping that this announcement from IT giant HP could mark a permanent shift in the focus of the industry, leading to a greater emphasis on green energy.

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