Cheaper low carbon energy could reduce home emissions

Lowering the cost of energy in the home is a major motivator for people to reduce carbon emissions.

This is according to a Dr Paula Owen, head of knowledge services for the Energy Saving Trust (EST).

The release of Ofgem's latest report, which revealed that energy prices could rise by 25 per cent in the next decade, has prompted much debate regarding energy in the home.

Dr Owen has added to this by highlighting the carbon reductions which tend to come hand in hand with lower bills.

She said: "There are a range of grants available to help people get started and the 'clean energy cashback' scheme announced this week also has potential to get people generating their own energy and consequently slashing their bills.

According to Dr Owen, the UK wastes around £8 billion worth of energy every year due to homes which use unnecessary electricity or have poor insulation or inefficient heating systems.

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