Government urged to set up green loans

Energy saving techniques based on the natural process of photosynthesis could be used to make future properties more sustainable if an experiment is successful.

Researchers at Imperial College London are currently working on the £1 million artifical leaf project, the Guardian reported.

Scientists are hoping to mimic how plants use sunlight and water to create sugar, which would then be used to generate clean fuels such as hydrogen.

The clean energy could be utilised in fuel cells to power homes or in cars to provide a an alternative and renewable resource.

James Barber, a biologist at Imperial College London and leader of the project, told the Guardian: "If the leaf can do it, we can do it but even better.

"[But] it doesn't mean that you try to build exactly what the leaf has. Leonardo da Vinci tried to design flying machines with feathers that flapped up and down. But in the end we built 747s and Airbus 380s, completely different to a bird and, in fact, even better than a bird."

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