Gartner Predicts IT Will Focus On Energy Consumption

A recent report released by Garner shows that IT will play an increasingly significant role in many businesses efforts to reduce their carbon footprint.

The report shows that companies will focus on cutting carbon in their IT sectors due to the increasing burden of regulation and the pressure of public opinion.

The report, entitled "Gartner top end user predictions for 2010: coping with the new balance of power" has predicted that by 2014 carbon remediation will be factored into company IT decisions on a regular basis.

The survey has also stated that because IT has proved its capacity to make organisations more efficient and lucrative, it is likely that firms will focus on technology as a way of reducing their carbon footprints.

Because the running cost of datacentre's are so steep, rising energy costs are already driving the uptake of IT systems with a green element and the report shows that this trend is expected to continue.

The report states: "In practical terms, carbon costs shadow energy costs, requiring the addition of an emissions factor and a projected cost of carbon remediation. Therefore, updating the spreadsheets is a moderately simple task."

It continues: "In an environmentally ideal world, PCs would be more modular and robust, allowing them to be upgraded to extend life. Due to the obvious implications on demand, the industry has not pursued upgrading as a strategy. As usage-related CO2 emissions grow, PC manufacturers and vendors can expect pressure to deliver more modular, upgradable PCs," says the report."

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