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F1 will get energy efficient cars

Formula One cars will 'undoubtedly' have energy efficient engines in future, according to the head of the International Automobile Federation (FIA).

Speaking at a sport business forum, Max Mosley said that in light of economic difficulties, elite racing was going to have to cut costs and innovate.

He suggested that a standardised engine could be introduced as a cost cutting measure before more energy efficient engines were developed.

"We must stabilize the system with a base engine which anyone can have and which is inexpensive, as well as a standard gearbox," he said.

"That will stabilize Formula One until we can bring in new energy-efficient engines which undoubtedly will be the future."

He has supported regenerative braking which stores energy generated when braking, allowing the car to then use the captured energy in spurts.

Mr Mosley also criticised some teams for fighting against regenerative braking because it is 'too complicated'.

He said: "Could you imagine the great F1 engineers like (Lotus founder Colin) Chapman or (Cosworth DFV engine designer Keith) Duckworth saying 'I can't do that because it is too complicated'?."

Consultant editor at Race Engine Technology, Paul Weighell, has said that regenerative braking as such does not clean up the sport or reduce fuel consumption as the energy captured is simply reused somewhere else.

He has called for a fuel cap to be introduced to cut racing fuel consumption.

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