Dangers of E-waste Are Exposed

The problems associated with the disposal of e-waste have been highlighted by a recent BBC programme.

Blood, Sweat and Luxuries looked at the fraudulent trade conducted by organisations which claim to reuse and recycle electrical equipment.

Tony Roberts, founder and chief executive of Computer Aid International, explained the problem: "Fraudulent traders are continuing to operate in the UK and Europe, posing as legitimate reuse and recycling organisations and enticing unwitting businesses to use them for disposal of electrical equipment."

He added that the traders do not declare the hazardous nature of the waste but instead claim that it is "electrical equipment destined for productive reuse".

The waste then ends up in Africa where it poses a "serious health risk" to marginalised communities who are disassembling the equipment.

In addition to the environmental risk there is the problem of data held on old electronic equipment falling into the wrong hands if it is not properly disposed of.

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