EU to vote on patio heaters nimby

A ban on outdoor heaters could cost the UK pub and catering trade £250 million a year in lost revenues, according to the Publican Market Report.

The report comes as MEPs are expected to back a resolution on Thursday calling on the EU commission to set a timetable for abolishing goods with low energy-efficiency ratings such as outdoor patio heaters, air-conditioning, television 'decoder' boxes and light bulbs.

But Eric Johnson, National Expert Reviewer for the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and managing director of Atlantic Consulting said the environmental impact of patio heaters was almost ?non-existent?.

Plasma TVs produced more CO2 than patio heaters under normal use, he said.

The pub trade has invested up to £86.5 million on outdoor heaters in the last year to attract customers after the smoking ban meant people can no longer inside pubs and restaurants.

The policy initiative, the brainchild of Liberal Democrat MEP for the North-East Fiona Hall, was tabled on Wednesday in the EU parliament as part of a package to combat climate change.

The Energy Saving Trust estimates use of patio heaters is set to more than double this year from 1.2 million appliances to 2.6 million.

Friends of the Earth's director, Tony Juniper, said: "In the face of the threat posed by climate change it is madness that we should be wasting energy and pumping out carbon dioxide by heating the open air.

?If the UK government is committed to reducing carbon dioxide emissions it must be prepared to back EU proposals to improve energy efficiency, which include banning these carbon-belching monstrosities."

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