Environmental sustainability top priority for top firms

A survey of FTSE 100 companies has found that creating greener offices is the top environmental priority for 2008, but that government support is crucial, particularly if green initiatives in IT are to be successful.

Public relations firm Chatsworth Communications found that 25 percent of the United Kingdom's leading 100 businesses plan to improve the energy efficiency of their office buildings.

It was also revealed that 23 percent wish to reduce the carbon emissions from their technology operations and 13 percent hope to make better use of renewable energy sources.

However, the poll also revealed a lack of real action and a certain cynicism as to the real motivations behind green technology initiatives, with just 1 percent of respondents believing that genuine concern for the environment is the main reason UK companies are adopting green strategies.

Interestingly, 27 percent said that protection of brand reputation is a much more motivational factor for UK companies to adopt green technology strategies, while 20 percent cited the force of consumer pressure and 18 percent stated that it was just good business sense

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