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Verizon sets up energy standards

Telecommunications provider Verizon announced on Friday that it has established its own energy-consumption standards and an associated measurement process for new telecommunications-related equipment in an effort to reduce its power consumption and energy costs and lower its carbon footprint.

The standards will be applied to certain broadband, video, data center, network and customer-premises equipment purchased after January 1, 2009, and provide these manufacturers with a target of 20 percent greater efficiency than today's equipment.

"This is similar to a consumer buying appliances according to the standardised ENERGY STAR efficiency levels," says Mark Wegleitner, senior vice president-corporate network and technology.

"However, in most cases, an ENERGY STAR-type rating system did not exist for the equipment we buy, so we set up our own standards and measurement process to create an effective program. We want to reduce our energy usage and do our part to improve the environment."

The company says it is the first to set its own energy-consumption standards. Non-profit organizations like environmental watchdog group, the US Environmental Protection Agency, and The Green Grid, have been actively involved in advancing energy efficiency in data centres and business computing ecosystems through establishing standards.

Last month, the EPA said it hoped to accredit data centers Energy Star certification for energy use efficiency, but said that it will first need more information to define measurements.

Verizon set a series of Telecommunications Equipment Energy Efficiency Ratings, viewed here, based on formulas that test the use of equipment in different operating conditions and settings. It then enters the test data into formulas tailored to each type of equipment and determines whether or not they reach the target rating.

Equipment to be tested and rated Internet equipment and optical line termination, as well as switching power systems, data center servers and power adapters that operate customer equipment.

The requirements incorporate new applications of existing methodologies as outlined in SPECpower_ssj2008 and the Energy Star programs combined with some Verizon-led concepts and methods of measurement.

Verizon has submitted the concepts and measurement methods for consideration by appropriate standards bodies, such as ATIS' Network Interface, Power and Protection Committee.

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