E.ON chief spells out energy dystopia

The UK faces severe power cuts in the near future unless new power plants are built quickly, a boss at E.ON UK said on Tuesday.

Chief executive Paul Golby predicted at least 25 gigawatts of new power generation capacity was needed to avoid the power shortfall when old plants are decommissioned over the next decade

The new power will have to come from a variety of sources such as renewables, nuclear, coal and gas, he said, because output from wind farms naturally falls in calm weather and reliance on imported gas and oil was a political risk.

"This problem is only going to get worse and my fear is that last week's blackouts, while not in themselves significant, were an indication of the ageing infrastructure in this country and a small indication of what could happen if we don't get on and fill this gap," he told journalists at the presentation of E.ON UK's energy manifesto.

"Unless we do build we are simply going to be unable to meet the country's energy needs."

Mr Golby also forecasted higher energy prices for UK residential customers in the short term because of rising wholesale prices.

Coal has a particular central role in meeting the UK?s energy needs, the manifesto added.

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