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Cardiff University Develops Energy Saving Computing Plan

An innovative new system has been developed by Cardiff University which should reduce the amount of energy used by computers.

The Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC) has awarded the university £50,000 in order to develop its idea for 'sustainable data storage'.

Dubbed Planet Filestore, the Cardiff based project will investigate the possibility of storing data on different disks depending on the frequency with which it is used.

Data which is not used very often will be moved onto a disk which uses less power, thus saving electricity and money.

Rob Bristow, programme manager at JISC, commented: "In the context of the UK higher education sector, which is estimated to hold one and a half million computers and spend around £116m on ICT-related electricity per year, it is vital to consider the sustainability of the services we provide."

Turning off the screen when it is not in use and putting the whole machine into stand-by mode are two simple ways of reducing the amount of energy used to run a computer.

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