Energy saving bulbs fly off shelves

A record number of energy saving light bulbs have been sold by two major supermarkets.

Tesco sold 4.5 million light bulbs in January, according to the Guardian, while Sainsbury's sold 1.2 million marking a 1.25 million increase on last year.

According to the Energy Saving Trust, each light bulb replaced with a compact fluorescent light bulb (CFL) can cut a homes energy bill by £3 a year and £45 over its lifetime.

Tesco, which aims to sell ten million light bulbs, claims that the savings are even higher, claiming each energy saving model could save a house £9 a year.

Either way, as the prices of the CFLs drop - Tesco has sold them in packs of five for 40 pence - it seems more people are keen to buy them to make long term savings.

Other easy changes to make around the home to cut energy bills include lowering the thermostat by one degree Celsius, installing radiator reflectors and using energy saving products.

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