'Cut down' on the amount of wasted paper

Firms need to cut down on the amount of paper that they waste, according to broadcaster and author on environmental issues Penney Poyzer. In recent days, Ms Poyzer stated that an estimated 300 million sheets of paper go through offices in the UK on a daily basis. She explained that this number could be halved if businesses make the most of modern office equipment. "If you print both sides - and most modern printers now have this facility which is called a duplex meaning you can print both sides - you're immediately cutting that down to 150 million sheets," Ms Poyzer added. Concluding, she noted that training could also help reduce wastage as eight out of ten people do not know how to use a printer properly, which can contribute to excessive amounts of paper being used needlessly. According to the Carbon Trust, if a firm reduces the amount of energy it uses, it could add the same amount to its profits as a five per cent increase in sales. Source: Fresh Business Thinking

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