Study Says Consumers Stay Loyal to Brands That Do Good

Plenty of cost-cutting measures need to be implemented in an economic downturn, but a new study says commitment to the environment shouldn't be one of them. According to the Edelman goodpurpose study, 68 percent of consumers would stay loyal to a brand during a recession as long as it supports a good cause.

The top consumer concerns in the study, which surveyed 6,000 people in ten countries, included health, poverty, and education. The environment topped the list with 88 percent of respondents saying it was important to them.

Even more interesting, 55 percent of consumers in the study said that they would buy from a brand that supports a good cause even if it isn't the cheapest one available. I can personally attest to this being true, at least for smaller items — you'll often find me buying expensive eco-friendly detergent while scrimping in other ways.

Edelamn's study is great news for socially responsible small businesses, as it shows that a sense of moral responsibility will always play a role in purchases, no matter what the economic climate.

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