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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

Water footprints will be marketing focus

Companies' water footprints are set to become a more prominent part of their image, predicts an industry expert.

Revelations by the WWF at the World Water Week that the average UK resident consumes 1,695 cubic metres of water as the resource gets increasingly scarce are set to send water footprints to the top of the agenda.

"This issue has the potential to go mainstream because there is a real problem with water sustainability," Chris Arnold, founder and creative partner of ethical marketing agency Feel told Brand Republic. "We will start hearing about it in the next year."

Companies concerned with reducing their own water footprint, whether it be for PR reasons or genuine concern can take a variety of steps to cut their water use.

Dual flush toilets allow users to flush less water when they use the toilet.

Buildings can also have waste water recycling, rainwater harvesting and sustainable sewage systems put in place.

And, the Energy Saving Trust notes, cutting water use also reduces carbon emissions as extracting and transporting water consumes energy.

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