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China calls for speedy technology transfer

China has called for rich nations to speed up the flow of technology to developing countries to help the world's most populous nation fight climate change.

Wan Gang, minister of science and technology, said developed nations should find a mechanism for technological transfer of eco-friendly, affordable technology.

He said the solution to global warming lay in cooperation and technology.

"Science and technological innovation will not only discover the nature of the problem we face, but also provide possible solutions to the climate change problem," he said.

China, which is now the world's largest emitter of greenhouse gases according to International Energy Agency, has pledged to raise energy efficiency.

Exempt from ratifying the Kyoto protocol, which commits 37 industrialised nations to cut greenhouse gases by an average of five per cent between 2008 and 2012, as China is still a developing nation, Beijing says its economic growth should not be penalised by binding cuts in emissions.

A report last month said the growth in China's CO2 emissions was far outpacing previous estimates.

China is investing 10 billion yuan in technology research and development to address the issue.

It is estimated $20 trillion will be spent on energy and resources to sustain development over the next quarter century.

Greenhouse gas emissions are expected to rise by 50 per cent.

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