Cutting carbon 'not just for individuals'

Cutting national carbon emissions is not just down to individuals making the right decisions, according to an energy expert.

While individuals will play a part in reducing carbon dioxide emissions and combating climate change, tackling these problems will include a variety of factors, according to Paul Elkins, professor of energy and environment policy at King's College London.

He said: "It's not just a simple process of people making individual decisions ? it's all tied up in infrastructure, habits, social behaviour, skills and the need for retraining of many parts of the economy which are associated with energy use."

The UK has "huge opportunities" for renewables, though they have not yet been mobilised, he added.

What individuals can do to reduce carbon dioxide emissions is reduce their energy consumption.

With individuals emissions primarily based around their home, cutting their energy use, which will also help reduce energy bill, is one way of contributing to combating climate change.

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