Businesses 'need to work out their footprint'

In time many consumers will be asking businesses about their carbon output as carbon consciousness begins to increase, according to Carbon Clear.

Businesses could benefit from ensuring that they have a solid environmental policy in place as a means of maintaining clients if green issues become one of their criteria for choosing a particular business.

Chief executive of the carbon management company commented: "It's not going to be too long?until the smaller businesses?are sitting in their office and get an RSP from one of their customers asking: 'What's your carbon footprint per unit of work?'.

"So there's a real value in them having figured it out beforehand and having a strong policy in place, so that they have a robust answer."

Mr Chadwick stated that every business can make a difference to climate change by taking steps towards having greener policies, adding that as individuals people have the power to make a difference in the lives of people around them by encouraging them to lead more environmentally conscious lives.

Carbon Clear helps businesses and individuals to calculate their carbon footprint and its clients include Comic Relief, Eurostar and Innocent.

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