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Briatin Supports Action Against Climate Change, Study Finds

The majority of the British public believe taking action against climate change is necessary, a survey has revealed.

Conducted by Cardiff University, the study found that there is a "clear majority" who are concerned about the issue.

In addition, a growing preference for renewable energy sources was revealed, although the public was also found to be more supportive of nuclear power than at the time of the last survey in 2005.

Nick Pidgeon, professor of Applied Psychology at Cardiff University and lead author of the report, commented: "Understanding how people are responding to these issues is actually quite important for developing a conversation between people who want to develop renewable energy, the local government and communities."

A report by Havas Worldwide found that the public are increasingly applying their ecological and moral standards to corporations.

Of those questioned in the study, 81 per cent of young leaders stated that multinational corporations have a duty to behave responsibly.

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