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1E to Paint Energy Saving Picture for Night PCs

PC power management firm 1E has today launched the latest version of its flagship NightWatchman software package, promising to provide firms with a more accurate picture of how much money they can save by turning off unused computers.

The company said that NightWatchman 6.0 will feature a new online dashboard that allows IT and sustainability managers to better track how much energy they are wasting by using the software to automatically power down PCs that are not being used by staff.

The updated software also includes new functionality that allows international firms to more accurately calculate how much money they are saving based on the differing energy tariffs that they are charged in various regions.

Sophie Chang, 1E head of software, said: "Energy tariffs vary hugely around the world, ranging from 30 pence per kwh in Denmark to 4 pence per kwh in South Korea. This functionality allows global firms to get a much more accurate picture of how much money they are saving through PC power management."

The company estimates that the tendency of workers to leave PCs on overnight and at the weekend means that its software can save firms an average of £25 a year per PC.

In addition, the new software also features enhanced functionality designed to detect when a PC has been erroneously kept in "sleepless" mode when it should be powered down.

"Around 20 per cent of PCs experience 'sleeplessness' at least once a week," said Chang. "It may be the result of a faulty mouse or keyboard, or updates or applications that keep the PC awake when no one is using it and it should be powered down."

She said that the new version of NightWatchman seeks to tackle this problem by detecting computer activity that suggests a PC is experiencing sleeplessness and notifying an administrator who can then remotely move the machine into energy-saving mode.

The company also announced today that insurance giant Aviva has become the latest blue chip firm to rollout 1E's PC power management software across its fleet of 30,000 PCs in a project that is expected to reduce carbon emissions equivalent to 500 cars a year.

Meanwhile, Chang said that the company has secured a number of clients who have agreed to trial its recently launched Nightwatchman Server Edition software suite.

The suite aims to adapt the company's power management software for datacentre environments, allowing firms to identify servers that are not doing any useful work and turn them off.

1E acknowledges that many datacentre managers remain resistant to the idea of turning off servers, voicing concerns that such a move can impact the availability of key systems.

But Chang said that pilot projects with a number of clients were now showing that between 10 and 15 per cent of servers in most datacentres are not doing anything useful and could be easily turned off without affecting the rest of the business.

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