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Access Provider
A company that sells Internet connections. Known variously as Internet Access or Service Provider (ISPs).

The location of an Internet resource. An email address may take the form of person@ukfast.net. A web address looks something like http://www.ukfast.net.

ADSL is a high-speed, 'always on' Internet connection that provides permanently live, fast access to the Internet, usually for a fixed, flat-rate fee. It can help you increase productivity, share files and data more efficiently and keeps you permanently connected with customers, suppliers and employees.IT stands for Asynchronsous Digital Subscriber Line.

Either the starting point or destination of a hyperlink. The letters at the top of this page are all anchors - clicking one takes you to another part of this page.

A program that can be downloaded over a network and launched on the user's computer.

American Standard Code for Information Interchange. A set of 128 alphanumeric and special control characters. ASCII files are also known as plain text files.

Active Server Pages are dynamic pages that incorporate scripts. When a web browser requests an ASP page, the server generates an HTML page to display and sends it back to the browser.

By assigning an Auto-Responder to a POP3 account, you can establish the automatic sending of response e-mails to those that e-mail you. i.e. messages like: I am away from the office until... is the most typical usage of an auto-responder.

Audio/Video Interleaved - a common video file format (.avi). Video quality can be very good at smaller resolutions, but files tend to be rather large.


Set of paths that carry longhaul Net traffic.

A measurement of the volume of information that can be transmitted over a network at a given time. Think of a network as a water pipe - the higher the bandwidth (the larger the diameter of the pipe), the more data (water) can pass over the network (through the pipe).

The system by which combinations of 0s and 1s are used to represent any type of data stored on a computer.

Bitmap File
A common image format (.bmp) defined by a rectangular pattern of pixels

A blog is a public Web site with posts or entries ordered, most often, with the most recent first. Most often these posts are also archived. Posts may come from one or many individuals, and the messages often share a common theme. In the most modern blogs, the most recent entries posted are made available for syndication via RSS.

A pointer to a particular Web site. Within browsers, you can bookmark interesting pages so you can return to them easily.

Netscape file ised to store addresses.

Bits Per Second - a measurement of the volume of data that a modem is capable of transmitting. Typical modem speeds today are 56K bps (57,000 bits per second). ADSL offers transfer rates of 512K bps and beyond.

Broadband is a high-speed, 'always on' Internet connection that provides permanently live, fast access to the Internet, usually for a fixed, flat-rate fee. It can help you increase productivity, share files and data more efficiently and keeps you permanently connected with customers, suppliers and employees.

A program run on a client computer for viewing World Wide Web pages. Examples include Microsoft's Internet Explorer and Netscape.


A region of memory where frequently accessed data can be stored for rapid access.

Capacity Threshold Monitoring
Capacity Threshold Monitoring allows you to track every aspect of your dedicated server from bandwidth consumption to disk utilisation, all from one easy to use interface. With customisable SMS and email notifications, both you and the UKFast technical support team can be notified immediately should a pre-defined threshold be reached.

Run down of features of in-house designed software:

Customisable thresholds, including disk space, CPU & memory usage, mail queue statistics and so forth.
Notifications in both email and SMS format.
Real-time graphing within the MyUKFast clientarea, including historical data view.
Compatible with firewalls, Linux and Windows.

Also referred to as CTM, CTm, Capacity Threshold Monitoring, CTmonitoring.

(Common Gateway Interface). A script that translates data from a web server and displays it in a web page or in an e-mail.

A system that allows for online communication between Internet users.

A program (like a Web browser) that connects to and requests information from a server.

Client-Server Protocol
A communication protocol between networked computers in which the services of one computer (the server) are requested by the other (the client).

Cloud Hosting / Computing
Cloud Computing is the organising of an IT network into one large, central mainframe into which all the local portals are linked. The ?cloud? is the metaphorical name for the central mainframe. It is where all the complex computing is carried out, it is where the data is stored and where the main processing software applications are run.

Reseller of UKFast Cloud - provider of the UK's Fastest Cloud Hosting Solution.

Co-location / colocation
Colocation facility, sometimes known as a data centre, is a network-connected secure managed facility for the housing of telecommunications and IT infrastructure. All you have to do is purchase a web server and your web hosting company will then connect you to the Internet via their network.It really is as simple as that - you provide the server and your hosting company provides everything else: rack space, connection to the Internet, IP addresses, backups, DNS, email and anything else that is needed.

Data files available for download from the Internet are typically compacted in order to save server space and reduce transfer times. A typical file extensions for compressed files is zip (DOS/Windows).

The name for files stored on your hard drive by your Web browser that hold information used by the website.

Cascading Style Sheet - A standard for specifying the appearance of text and other elements on a website.

Term coined by science-fiction writer William Gibson, referring to the virtual world that exists within the marriage of computers, telecommunication networks, and digital media.


Data Centre
A secure facility built for the purpose of housing large numbers of servers in data racks, used for hosting servers of ISP's or for colocation.

Dedicated Server
In the web hosting business, a dedicated server refers to the exclusive use of a computer that includes a web server, related software, and connection to the Internet, housed in the ISP's data centre.

A dedicated server is usually needed for a website (or set of related company sites) that may develop a considerable amount of traffic. A dedicated server can usually be configured and operated remotely from the client company, giving the client exclusive use and command over your website?s server - unlike shared hosting.

Dial-up Connection
A connection to the Internet via phone and modem.

Direct Connection
A connection made directly to the Internet - much faster than a dial-up connection.

DNS (Domain Name System)
DNS is really nothing more than a directory. A DNS operates sort of like a telephone operator. A DNS stores address and name pairs, so that when you request a website by name it can send you directly to the correct address. 

DNS plays a major role in e-mail as well as out ability to find websites. If DNS were to fail, you would not be able to find many websites since there is nowhere to look up the address. E-mail would be undeliverable since it has no way of finding its destination. An Internet without DNS would be like a city without the yellow pages. 

The Internet is divided into smaller sets known as domains, including .com (business), .gov (government), .edu (educational) and others.

Domain Name
Allows you to reference Internet sites without knowing the true numerical address.

The process of copying data file(s) from a remote computer to a local computer. The opposite action is upload here a local file is copied to a server.

DSL is another way of referring to Broadband, as is ADSL. Meaning Digital Subscriber Line.


Electronic mail carried on the Net.

Email Address
The unique private Internet address to which your email is sent. Takes the form user @host

Email Hosting
Email Hosting is an internet hosting service that manages electronic messages through an email server.

Exchange Server
Exchange Server is an e-mail-based collaborative communications server for businesses.


Frequently Asked Questions - a collection of common questions and answers on a particular subject.

Anything stored on a computer, such as a program, image or document.

A Web browser from the Mozilla foundation increasing in popularity and a favourite of the open source community.

A Web browser from the Mozilla foundation increasing in popularity and a favourite of the open source community.


Software that is available for download and unlimited use without charge.

Frontpage extenstions
These are mini programs that make interactive elements work for web sites created in Microsoft Front Page.

FTP stands for "file transfer protocol" and it is a method of transferring files between two computers. FTP allows access to files stored on the hard disk of a remote machine connected to the Internet.


Computer hardware and software that allow users to connect from one network to another.

Graphics Interchange Format - a common image format. Most images seen on web pages are GIF files.

Google is a popular web search engine that says it offers search access to over three million Web documents in over 30 languages. Almost half of Google's over 150 million searches a day are said to originate from U.S. locations.

Google Autolink
Adds hyperlinks Google deems useful to the Web pages you visit. The idea is to automate the process of jumping from a street address to, say, a map, sparing users having to retype or copy the address.

Google Love
What your business experiences when you align it with Google's speed model. Result - better Google rankings, better quality score, lower PPC costs, more traffic, longer visit duration, more pages visited, more likely to buy, more likely to return.

A system allowing users to search for files via menus or directory structures. Uses plain English names and is text based only.


Pre-data part of a packet, containing source and destination addresses, error checking, and other fields. Also the first part of an email or news posting which contains, among other things the sender's details and time sent.

Home Page
The first page of a Web Site. Also, the Web site that automatically loads each time you launch your browser.

The name of a specific machine within a larger domain.

Hosted Exchange
With a hosted Exchange service, customers? email, tasks, calendars, contacts and files are centrally stored at the hosting providers? data center and can be accessed using Microsoft Outlook from a users? desktop, Outlook Web Access via a web browser on any internet-enabled computer in any location or on a popular Smartphone like a BlackBerry,iPhone ( News - Alert) or Palm Pre.

HyperText Markup Language - a collection of tags typically used in the development of Web pages.

HyperText Transfer Protocol - a set of instructions for communication between a server and a World Wide Web client.

Microsoft Hyper-V, formerly known as Windows Server Virtualisation, is a hypervisor-based virtualisation system for x64 systems.

A connection between two anchors. Clicking on one anchor will take you to the linked anchor. Can be within the same document/page or two totally different documents.

A document that contains links to other documents, commonly seen in Web pages and help files.


Image map
A Web image that contains multiple links. Which link you take depends on where you click.

Internet Message Access Protocol. Standard email access protocol that allows you to selectively retrieve messages or parts thereof as well as manage fodlers on the server.

Information Superhighway
The terms were coined to describe a possible upgrade to the existing Internet through the use of fiber optic and/or coaxial cable to allow for high speed data transmission. This highway does not exist - the Internet of today is not an information superhighway.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
In essence this is a generic way of describing the complete cloud hosting service. It is the provision of all IT infrastructure as a service by a third party to the user. In other words it is the full outsourcing of an IT system.

The worldwide network of computers communicating via an agreed upon set of Internet protocol. Odds are that if you are reading this document, you are probably on the Internet right now (just in case you didn't know).

Internet Explorer
Controversial Web browser produced by Microsoft.

IP Address
Internet Protocol Address - every computer on the Internet has a unique identifying number, like

Internet Relay Chat - the system allowing Internet users to conduct online text based communication with one or more other users.

Integrated Services Digital Network - a system of all digital, high bandwidth telephone lines allowing for the simultaneous delivery of audio, video and data. Data travels at 128K bps.

Internet Service Provider - the company which provides you with a connection to the Internet via either a Dial-up Connection or a Direct Connection.


A programming language, similar to C++, created by Sun Microsystems for developing applets that are capable of running on any computer regardless of the operating system.

Joint Photograhic Experts Group - a common image format. Most of the images you see embedded into Web pages are GIFs, but sometimes, especially in art or photographic Web sites, you can click on the image to bring up a higher resolution (larger) JPEG version of the same image.




Stands for "Kilobyte," a unit for measuring the size of data. 1 Kb = 1024 bytes.



Local Area Network - a network of computers confined within a small area, such as an office building.

Length of time it takes data to reach its destination.

Leased Line
A dedicated telecommunications connection between two points.

Level 3 Support
In the software industry, level 3 support is the highest standard of expertise in terms of technical support..

Another name for a hyperlink.

Linux is a Unix-like operating system that was designed to provide personal computer users a free or very low-cost operating system comparable to traditional and usually more expensive Unix systems. Linux has a reputation as a very efficient and fast-performing system. 

Load Balancing
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Mailing List
A list of email addresses to which messages are sent. You can subscribe to a mailing lists typically by sending an email to the contact address with the following in the body of the message: the word subscribe, the name of the list, and your email address.

Managed hosting
Is an expanded dedicated hosting service where the web host will manage your dedicated server for you. The responsibility for the maintenance and running of the server /software is taken away from the customer and given it to the hosting company.

Managed server
A managed server offers all the benefits of a dedicated server - i.e. complete autonomy over your web service - but eliminates much of the time-consuming backend work involved in maintaining it. The provision of additional systems administration and technical support enables is carried out by your ISP.

Mashing up
A mashup is a website or application that combines content from more than one source into an integrated experience.

Mirror site
An Internet site setup as an alternate to a busy site; contains copies of all the files stored at the primary location.

Device that allows a computer to communicate with another over a standard telephone line, by converting the digital data into analog signals and vice versa.

Motion Picture Experts Group - a video file format offering excellent quality in a relatively small file. Video files found on the Internet are frequently stored in the MPEG format.

As the MS suggests, it's Microsoft's SQL database.

A combination of media types on a single document, including: text, graphics, animation, audio and video.

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Name Server
A computer running a program that converts domain names into appropriate IP addresses and vice versa.

Emily Post meets the Internet. Short for Internet etiquette.

A system of connected computers exchanging information with each other. A LAN is a relatively smaller form of a network in comparison to the Internet, a world wide network of computers.

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Ofcom is the independent regulator and competition authority for the UK communications industries, with responsibilities across television, radio, telecommunications and wireless communications services.

When you connect to the Internet, you are online.

Online Service
Services such as America Online, CompuServe, Prodigy and the Microsoft Network which provide content to subscribers and usually connections to the Internet, though sometimes limited. For instance, online services just recently added Web browsing ability. If you spend a lot of time on the Internet, the fees these services charge add up rapidly.

Operating System/OS
An operating system (sometimes abbreviated as "OS") is the program that, after being initially loaded into the computer by a boot program, manages all the other programs in a computer.



A chunk of data. The TCP/IP protocol breaks large data files into smaller "packets" for transmission. When the data reaches its destination, the protocol makes sure that all packets have arrived without error.

An HTML document, or website.

While just one of many factors which determine the ranking of Google search results, PageRank continues to provide a basis for all of Google's web search tools. It is a family of algorithms for assigning numerical weightings to hyperlinked documents or web pages indexed by a search engine. The PageRank system helps determine a page's relevance or importance.

Pretty Good Privacy - an encryption scheme which uses the "public key" approach - messages are encrypted using the publicly available key, but can only be deciphered by the intended recipient via the private key.

A type of email scam with the intent of capturing personal information such as online banking user ID numbers, debit and credit card account numbers, and passwords. Attackers use 'fake' websites to obtain the personal details. The scammers appear to be trusted sources such as banks, suppliers etc however despite appearances when you click on a link from the email it takes you to the 'fake' website rather than the bonafide site.

You'll need to check your host supports PHP. This is a scripting language that you can incorporate into a Web page.

Short for picture element - the smallest unit of resolution on a monitor. Commonly used as a unit of measurement.

Simply click on the letter that the term you are looking for begins with, and then click on the word when it appears.

Platform as a Service (PaaS)
Platform as a Service can be seen as the level above Infrastructure as a Service. It is a service that enables users to buy in complete application systems to fulfil a specific job without having to invest in the hardware and software to run them. However, the fundamental IT infrastructures, such as servers and network, must already be in place.

A small application which extends the built in capabilities of your Web browser. Examples include Macromedia's Shockwave, providing animation, and RealAudio, offering streamed sound files over the Internet. Compared to helpers, the multimedia files do not need to be downloaded before shown or played.

Podcasting involves audio content being delivered via an RSS feed presenting a downloadable or streaming file (often mp3). To find out more about UKFast's podcasting visit www.ukfast.net/podcast.html

Post Office Protocol - a method of storing and returning email.

POP3 Account
A POP3 e-mail account is the physical container for e-mail receipt. A POP3 e-mail account can only be allocated to one person (Domain Level > Relationships > Users). The POP3 account is assigned its own default email address, under which its features and services will operate under.

Website that specialises in leading you to others.

If you move your domain from one host to another, you will receive a new IP address for the domain. The DNS of your new host will be updated with the location of that IP address.

All other DNS Servers in the world then need to be updated with the new location. The DNS Servers of different hosts update at varying intervals - anywhere between 1 hour and 1 week.

The time taken between the initial change being made and all the world's DNS Servers being updated with the new information is called "Propagation".

An agreed upon set of rules by which computers exchange information. Provider: An Internet Service Provider, or ISP.

Proxy Server
Sits between a client, such as a Web browser, and a real server. They're most often used to improve performance by delivering stored pages like browser cache and to filter out undesirable material.


A list of email messages that will be distributed next time you log onto the Internet.




Where servers are located in the data centre; usual size; 47u in height.

Term used for area where a rack-server is housed. Also written as Rack-space and "rack space". At UKFast all our rackspace comes with power and bandwidth. Servers housed in ths area can also be attached to our back up and firewall. Fo more information call 0845 458 4545.

Refers to backup power solutions in data centres such as UPS, generator and battery back up to their mains supply, should power be lost they take over to ensure that all servers and equipment remains running.

Reseller Hosting
A hosting package that enables you to sell of bits of the Web space for your own profit.

A program that automatically searches the World Wide Web for files.

RSS feed
RSS is short for Really Simple Syndication. It's an XML file that can be read by special feed reading software or a web service you can use from your web browser. It's quicker than revisiting a site several times a day to check for updates, and rather than having to look for new headlines, feed
readers scan for updates and display them for you.


SaaS Hosting
Software as a Service (SaaS, typically pronounced 'sass') is a model of software deployment where an application is hosted as a service provided to customers across the Internet.

Search Engine
A tool for searching information on the Internet by topic. Popular engines include InfoSeek, Inktomi and Web Crawler.

One half of the client-server protocol, runs on a networked computer and responds to requests submitted by the client. Your World Wide Web brower is a client of a World Wide Web server.

Clients can rent a shared server, dedicated server or colocate their own.

Signature File
Personal footer that can be attached automatically to email and Usenet postings.

A single or collection of related Web pages.

Simple Mail Transfer Protocol - a protocol dictating how email messages are exchanged over the Internet.

Social Search
Attempts to humanise search results thereby providing users with consumer driven answers to their queries, it is in essence a form of viral marketing. Bookmarking to sites like Digg, posting to important blogs, sharing PR all improve your social search status.

Posting the same message inappropriately to multiple newsgroups or email addresses.

Structured Query Language - a language used to retrieve, enter and update information in databases.

SSL Certificate
Short for Secure Sockets Layer, a protocol developed by Netscape for transmitting private documents via the Internet. SSL works by using a private key to encrypt data that's transferred over the SSL connection, such as credit card numbers. By convention, URLs that require an SSL connection start with https: instead of http:. The certificate is installed on a secure server and used to identify the merchant using it and to encrypt the credit card, and other sensitive data.

Deliver a file from a server in "real time," i.e. play a file as it is being downloaded.


Transmission Control Protocol - this protocol is the foundation of the Internet, an agreed upon set of rules directing computers on how to exchange information with each other. Other Internet protocols, such as FTP, Gopher and HTTP sit on top of TCP/IP.

Interent protocol that allows you to log on to a remote computer and act as a dumb terminal.

Temporary Internet Files
A browser's cache.

Tag Image File Format - a popular graphic image file format.



Software as a Service (SaaS, typically pronounced 'sass') is a model of software deployment where an application is hosted as a service provided to customers across the Internet.

Operating system used by most service providers and universities.

To copy a file from a local computer connected to the Internet to a remote computer. Opposite is download.

Uniform Resource Locator - the method by which Internet sites are addressed. An example would be http://www.ukfast.net.

Utility Billing
The packaging of computing resources, such as computation and storage, as a metered service similar to a traditional public utility, such as electricity



Virtual Datacentre
It is a concept based upon the hosting of server workloads (operating systems and their applications) without regard to the underlying hardware or infrastructure. This concept delivers what is known as 'always-on' scalability, flexibility and resilience.

Virtual Server
Shared web space hosted on a server alongside many other web sites all sharing the same server resources.




Wide Area Network - a system of connected computers spanning a large geographical area.

Waveform Audio (.wav) - a common audio file format for DOS/Windows computers.

The World Wide Web or WWW. Graphic and text documents published on the Internet that are interconnected through clickable 'hypertext' links. A Web page is a single document. A Web site is a collection of related documents.

Web hosting
A business providing hardware and services to store, maintain, and present Web sites and provide Internet connection to those sites

Windows is an operating system from Microsoft that, together with some commonly used business applications such as Microsoft Word and Excel, has become a de facto "standard" for individual users in most corporations as well as in most homes.

World Wide Web, or simply Web. A subset of the Internet which uses a combination of text, graphics, audio and video (multimedia) to provide information on most every subject imaginable.


HTML written within an XML framework. Using XHTML has multiple benefits, enabling greater standardisation of code and leaner, faster pages that can be styled with elegant CSS rather than larger HTML tables.

Stands for eXtensible Markup Language, a standard that allows designers to create their own customized tags, enabling the definition, transmission, validation, and interpretation of data between applications and between organizations.




A search engine




Software as a Service (SaaS, typically pronounced 'sass') is a model of software deployment where an application is hosted as a service provided to customers across the Internet.