Cloud Computing FPGA

High-performance FPGA cloud compute powered by Intel® technology

UKFast’s high-performance FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) cloud solution, eCloud® FPGA, offers high-performance, reliable and fast compute without the CapEx of providing your own hardware, giving you ultimate scalability for even the most compute-intensive projects, offering the opportunity to use the equipment on a per hour consumption model.

Unlike many other cloud providers, UKFast’s eCloud FPGA service allows your software to interact with the hardware directly rather than relying on a cloud-specific API, putting you in control.

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FPGA cloud uses Intel® Stratix™ 10 SX cards, the most powerful in the industry.

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Experience FPGA cloud now, with a PAYG model and market-leading prices.

Why choose FPGA?

  • Reprogrammable to suit different functionality requirements
  • Able to accelerate complex computing tasks such as AI inferencing by as much as a thousand times
  • Ideal for time and latency sensitive workloads where inference is required in real-time
  • Allow for a much greater degree of customisation with the ability to deliver more flexible architectures
  • Deliver more deterministic and far lower latency than is attainable on a CPU or GPU alone, as FPGAs are configured by laying down code in hardware

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Using the industry-leading Intel® Stratix™ 10 SX cards, eCloud® FPGA offers optimum performance for your high-compute needs at the click of a button.

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Our FPGA cloud

Powered by Intel®

Based on Intel’s latest high-end programmable accelerator card, the Stratix™ 10 SX FPGA, offering 2.8million logic elements, UKFast’s FPGA cloud is built on the most cutting-edge technology available in the market and allows direct access to the hardware from within our IaaS platform.

Key reasons

  • Reduce CapEx and increase workload productivity
  • 10Gbps LAN connectivity to your eCloud Private solution
  • PAYG model for convenience and scalability without compromise

Use cases

  • ASIC design
  • AI/ML applications
  • Network acceleration and offload
  • Genomics
  • Big data analytics
  • Real-time data analysis

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