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Fast Hosting - Why is Speed Important?

Faster hosting gives you that all important edge over your competition. A speedy user experience can be a key factor in contributing to repeat visits, longer visit durations, increased page views, and, ultimately increased sales. Plus fast hosting plays an important factor in helping you to rank highly in Google's listings.

"Like us, our users place a lot of value in speed - that's why we've decided to take site speed into account in our search rankings." (Google)

So Google officially rewards fast loading sites with higher rankings, and penalises slow loading sites with low search engine rankings, poor AdWords quality scores and higher costs.

"A 0.5 second delay in page load speed reduced traffic by 20%. Speed matters. People do not like to wait. Do not make them." (Google)

It's easy to see why web users become impatient and why speed attracts visitors; and the quickest route to delivering a fast loading website is through your hosting solution. So it is imperative to include speedy hosting servers in your digital strategy.

Why Choose UKFast for Fast Hosting


We challenged UKFast to get our page load speed below one second. We achieved that as soon as we switched on our new server.Quote2


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Like Google, we see speed as a massive competitive advantage, and so are passionate about delivering this to our clients.

Our infrastructure has been built with speed in mind: from the network to the bandwidth suppliers and the server equipment and hardware installed in our carbon neutral and carrier-neutral data centres.

We've also developed an industry-leading web acceleration solution, Webcelerator. Our unique web acceleration solution powers your website to deliver more capacity for higher demand which results in increased speed, performance and reliability.

We have a proven track record in boosting our clients' websites and applications. Here's a selection of companies who have experienced great success from moving to our speedy network:

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