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Failover Clustering

Downtime can be costly to your business, not only in terms of lost business, but also in loss of brand credibility. Failover clustering is the perfect solution delivering high levels of availability.

What is failover clustering?

Failover is the ability of a server hosting solution to switch automatically to a server that is held on standby.

At the server hosting level, the automation of failover takes place using a "heartbeat cable" which connects the servers providing a regular heartbeat pulse. As long as the pulse between the two servers remains constant the second server will remain inactive (initiating only if the main server has downtime). Should the pulse not been detected, the solution will automatically failover to standby server. A UKFast technician will be alerted immediately so the original issue can be resolved as soon as possible, and your failover clustered solution will be restored back to its original state.

Who uses failover clustering?

Often, failover clustering is used for businesses that need to host mission critical databases, file sharing networks, business applications, and consumer focused e-commerce websites.

So why choose UKFast for a failover cluster solution?

UKFast has set up and managed failover clustering solutions for a broad range of clients from a number of sectors, and as such we understand how important failover can be to your business. Our team of experts will work with you to guarantee that your server hosting solution is configured to your requirements and always available.

We are experienced in setting up and managing both Windows and Linux failover clustering for our clients. A Windows failover cluster is achieved using either SQL clustering software or Hyper-V clustering and for a Linux platform, we recommend using Red Hat failover clustering software. (A failover cluster with IIS is also an available option.)

By choosing UKFast you can rest assured that your server hosting solution is set up with the UK's best web host; not only are we a multi-award winning hosting provider dedicated to our customers, we're also repeatedly rated the fastest hosting provider. This means that you applications and websites have high availability and loading super fast.


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