Storage as a Service

Store and access your files quickly and securely from anywhere with cloud storage.

eCloud® Vault is the cloud storage platform that provides a simple and secure solution for all of your cloud storage, backups and archiving. Our easy-to-use cloud storage software with drag-and-drop service, available through MyUKFast, enables you to upload and download files within seconds, safe in the knowledge that your data is secure.

Built to provide you with the ultimate resilience, eCloud Vault replicates your data three times in our UK-based data centre. This ensures automatic redundancy whenever you upload a file to your cloud storage platform and assures that your business-critical data is protected.

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Your Secure Cloud Storage Platform

Storage & Distribution

Private and public storage spaces allow you to easily restrict access or make each file accessible through a unique public URL. Separate your content from your web server and make use of eCloud® Vault for limitlessly scalable content storage and distribution.

Backup & Archiving

Ideas are meant to expand, evolve and grow, not be defined by storage limitations and size. eCloud® Vault provides scalable storage so your projects always have room to develop. We've made storage effortless, but not at the cost of power, flexibility and durability.

App Development

Developing mobile and web-based applications requires a high-performance and highly available storage solution to host and collect data. eCloud® Vault provides a seamless and scalable solution that you can depend on, so that you can focus on deploying applications.

Features of eCloud® Vault - The Perfect Cloud Storage Platform

Simple Cloud Storage

Name your storage space and begin uploading using drag-and-drop or start developing with familiar S3-compatible API. You can use eCloud® Vault as a stand-alone solution or work directly with eCloud® Flex, Public, Hybrid or Private.

Scalable Cloud Storage

Predicting future requirements and managing storage limits is no longer a concern with limitless storage that grows with your data. Create more storage spaces instantly when you need them and never worry about provisioning further storage capacity again.

Secure Cloud Storage

All data is transferred over SSL to protect your files in transit and, once uploaded, you can set policies and permissions for each storage space to control who has access to your data.

Cost Effective Cloud Storage

Start out small with no upfront costs, paying only for the storage and outgoing bandwidth that you use. Incoming bandwidth is free so you can migrate without any bandwidth fees.

Highly Available Cloud Storage

Keep your data secure and accessible at all times, safe in the knowledge that your data is triple-replicated and housed in our UK-based, data centres with full N+1 redundancy.

Cloud Storage with 24/7 Support

Our UK-based phone and ticket support enables direct access to our highly qualified support engineers 24/7/365.

Cloud Storage Explained

S3-Compatible API

  • Take advantage of industry-standard S3 APIs for mobile and web application development or re-deployment

Map and Mount

  • Integrate cloud storage with your servers and computers by mapping eCloud Vault directly to your Windows, Mac or Linux file system

Third-party software

  • Choose from numerous feature-rich S3-compatible utilities for file management, backup or archival


  • Use MyUKFast to manage your data from any device with a web browser, without having to download any software
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UKFast Support

Your eCloud® solution is backed by a team of UK-based technical engineers available 24/7/365, plus a dedicated account manager.

Our Support Explained

UK Data Centres

UKFast Data Centre

We've invested £22m in our UK-based data centres to ensure the highest levels of service, security and performance.

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Certifications and Industry Compliance

Crown Commercial Service
Cyber Essentials
Carbon Neutral
ISO 9001
ISO 27001

Your solution is only ever housed in our government and ISO-certified, ultra-secure data centres managed by security cleared personnel. And as an exclusively UK-based company, hosting with UKFast offers guaranteed data sovereignty. UKFast is a government-approved supplier through the G-Cloud 12 framework.