GPU Cloud Servers

High-performance GPU cloud compute powered by NVIDIA® technology

UKFast’s high-performance GPU cloud solution, eCloud® GPU, offers high-performance, reliable and fast compute without the CapEx of providing your own hardware, giving you ultimate scalability for even the most compute-intensive projects.

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GPU cloud uses NVIDIA V100 cards, the most powerful in the industry.

Available to purchase in MyUKFast at the click of a button.

Experience GPU cloud now, with a PAYG model and market-leading prices.

Why GPU cloud from UKFast?

UKFast’s GPU cloud is powered by NVIDIA® Tesla® V100 cards, the most powerful cards on the market.

Key reasons to choose our GPU cloud:

  • Reduce CapEx and increase workload productivity
  • 10Gbps LAN connectivity to your eCloud Private solution
  • Enterprise-grade CUDA compute technology
  • PAYG model for convenience and scalability without compromise
  • Highly available performance GPU clusters
FASTdesk vs. VDI

Accelerate your workload in the cloud

Using the industry-leading NVIDIA® v100 GPU cards, eCloud® GPU offers optimum performance for your high-compute needs at the click of a button.

Find out more about eCloud GPU from UKFast's Director of Enterprise Technologies in this short video.

What can you do with GPU cloud?

AI & machine learning

Make training your network exponentially faster with GPU cloud.

We only offer market-leading NVIDIA® Tesla® v100 GPUs, which are specifically designed for AI and machine learning calculations. Containing tensor cores which offer up to 112 teraFLOPS of tensor performance, our GPUs are perfect for your deep learning requirements.


Handle complicated calculations for 2D and 3D graphics, accelerate video and support specialised applications to reach your creative potential.

UKFast's GPU cloud, powered by NVIDIA Tesla v100s, removes the burden from your CPU to produce high-resolution graphics and high definition streams faster than even the highest performing CPUs out there.

HPC & data science

High Performance Computing (HPC) is a fundamental pillar of modern science. Engineered for the convergence of AI and HPC, our GPU cloud offers you the perfect platform for your HPC systems.

GPU-accelerate your data analytics workflows with GPU cloud. Analyse large volumes of data for rapid insights where simulation alone cannot predict the real world.

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