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eBook Cloud Series: The Impact of IoT on Business

Less than five years ago, you’d have been easily forgiven for assuming that the Internet of Things (IoT) was no more than a figment of a science-fiction writer’s imagination. However, thanks to the insatiably fast-paced technology industry, IoT has become the norm much sooner than expected.But how does IoT affect your business right now? In this eBook we delve into the world of IoT to discuss how it is digitising workplaces across the globe and accelerating the evolution of big data. Discover how IoT is changing business as we know it, how it affects your cybersecurity and, of course, the future of IoT in business.Download the eBook now to get to grips with everything you need to know about IoT and your business.

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How is IoT transforming businesses?

IoT devices are already starting to transform our personal lives, but how are they changing the way businesses operate?

How is IoT driving the evolution of big data?

Big data is a big topic in the tech world and is only set to get bigger! But how is IoT driving more businesses to see the value in big data?

The security of IoT devices

Is being so connected a good thing or a threat to your business? Get the expert security tips for implementing IoT in your business.

The future of IoT in businesses

What does the future hold for businesses and IoT? Will the implementation of IoT drive smarter, more connected business or create a security nightmare?

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In our eBook you’ll explore the vast and complex topic of IoT. As well as the above topics, you’ll also discover the evolving relationship between cloud and IoT, the data journey required for each IoT device to function and the impact of IoT concerns on the GDPR.  

Download the eBook now and dive deep into the world of IoT to stay ahead of your competitors in an increasingly digital and connected business world.