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Sarah Wilson UKFast | Account Manager

Double Your Success Rate

Every week £171.9 million is spent on internet retail but just 15 per cent of British companies are harnessing the internet's sales potential.

Did you know 1,156,400 people use a search engine once a day? If you're not listed on Google you'll be working very hard for little return on investment. And with this level of competition it's not enough to be on page four or five of the search engines, you need to be on page one.


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How to Multiply your Online Success

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The latest Ofcom Communications Market Report stated that nowadays "the internet and TV is regarded as a higher priority than almost anything except food." So what are you doing to boost business online?

The report informs you on seven reasons why businessmen drop the ball and explains how you can combat them.

What is the fastest route to online success?

To build your business you don't just need to get online, you need to make the internet work for you. Seventy per cent of businesses have a website but many simply aren't performing.

The easiest and most effective way to quickly accelerate your website is to switch to a really fast, UK based hosting provider. Surprisingly 91 per cent of web owners have never compared the speed of their current host against others.

UKFast is consistently rated as the fastest web host by independent testers Webperf and many companies on the UKFast network are experiencing growth rates of up to 400 per cent.

Find out how you can get more online business, attract more people to your website and make more money online.

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