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Disaster Recovery Solutions

Why UKFast?


Using only high-performance, best-of-breed technology, from leading providers including Dell, your hardware solution is securely housed in our wholly-owned ISO-accredited UK data centres.

24/7/365 Monitoring

We monitor our network routes, circuits and power 24/7/365. This monitoring provides our engineers with early warning alert signals via email, SMS and web interfaces ensuring we have professional on hand expertise 24 hours a day.

Resilience by design

Designed for resilience, our data centres are directly connected by multiple links with Telehouse North and East coming from different Telcos. This is backed up by a dual fibre ring encompassing Telehouse and Redbus.

Reliabile peering

Reliable peering strategy combined with state-of-the-art Cisco hardware, ensuring a network with no single point of failure. We also have peering arrangements in place with LINXP, LONAPP, LIPEX and IX Manchester.


 In every regional Point of Presence (POP), we include Cisco hardware to provide a continuous unaffected service; this means we can continue even if there a total loss of a router and/or circuit.


For additional resilience each POP has a redundant UPS system and two independent UPS's feeding the equipment. So should either UPS fail your connectivity will not be affected.

 Emergency power

Each POP also has emergency generator backup so we are guaranteed never to suffer a power outage.

Optimised conditions

Our multi-20gb network includes multi-homing to provide the definitive optimised conditions for server hosting. Built for redundancy, speed and security, our UK-based, enterprise-grade data centres deliver fast and fail-safe routes to the Internet.

Why Choose Disaster Recovery with UKFast?

With an ever- increasing dependence on IT systems for your business operations, it's vital you have a disaster recovery solution in place to ensure the rapid recovery and continuity of your business, should a disaster occur. Businesses that fail to have a disaster recovery solution in place often experience huge losses - both to their finances and their reputation - in the aftermath of an IT outage.

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Under the bonnet

Storage redundancy - SAN to SAN

If you utilise SAN storage as a part of your hosting solution, you have the option to configure a secondary storage unit in another UKFast data centre. Ensuring complete redundancy for your business by enabling your primary storage to failover to a standby SAN in the secondary data centre.

Backup & Restore

With UKFast backup your critical data is copied to a server or storage unit at regular intervals. So should a hardware failure occur, we'll replace it within 1 hour and restore your data to the latest backup.
For added redundancy, you have the option to house your 'backup server' in an offsite location - another UKFast data centre.

Award-Winning Support

Award-winning support

Your solution will be backed by a team of UK-based technical engineers available 24/7/365, plus a dedicated account manager.

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UK Data Centres

Data Centres

We've invested £22m in our UK-based data centres to ensure the highest levels of service, security and performance.

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