Managed backup services

Protect your business-critical data with secure, reliable backup solutions

Reliable, cost-effective backups

Protect your business from the unexpected with regular backups of your digital assets to preserve business-critical data in the event of failure. Using enterprise-level tools including Commvault, our backup services create an up-to-date copy of your data and applications, allowing your server to be restored to the last available backup, with minimal downtime.

Why do you need Backup?

With data protection being a critical business necessity, it’s imperative you have a backup solution to mitigate business risks, guarantee compliance, reduce costs and help improve the overall success of your business. Failure to properly manage and safeguard your vital data can result in business disruption, losses or the potential failure of your business itself.

Backup is essentially a snapshot or picture of the state of your data before it disappeared or was destroyed, with the data being periodically overwritten as it changes. During the backup process, a copy of data at a specific point in time is created in case something should happen to the original. Therefore, in the case of a failure, the data can be reconstructed from that time.

  • Backup space is allocated according to your business requirements and processes
  • Burstable quotas to allow for unexpected increases incapacity
  • Proactive monitoring service to identify any issues before they have an impact on your backup
  • Multiple backup options to suit different budgets and needs
  • Set your own backup window to ensure no interruption to service for your users
  • Customise your backup via our secure online portal MyUKFast


  • Simple and automated deployment for large scale projects, including multi-tenant and hybrid cloud implementations
  • Central image management of XenApp servers simplifies the management of small and large deployments of physical or virtual XenApp servers to support any type of use case while reducing the cost, complexity and amount of required shared storage
  • Custom delegated administration to allow large IT teams to define scope and roles for compliance and control
  • Configuration Logging enables IT to monitor and track granular configuration changes to their app and desktop delivery infrastructure
  • Simplified operations with powerful monitoring and analytics
  • Citrix Director delivers role-based access to enable your IT helpdesk to quickly troubleshoot and resolve issues
  • Enterprise scalability of XenApp simplifies the rapid provisioning, patching, and updated of 1,000s of apps and desktops to 100,000s of users anywhere at any time

Why choose UKFast?

Award-winning support

UKFast is a leading provider in the industry, providing a full suite of products and services. We offer award-winning 24/7/365 customer support with 100% uptime guaranteed.

Business Continuity

We’re here to keep your business online when it matters the most. Our 1.6Tbps network has no single point of failure, meaning we can offer a 100% network uptime guarantee.

Secure as standard

All our dedicated servers are architected to be secure by default with patching and updates as standard, we’ll become one of your team to help bridge any cybersecurity gaps.

The UK's leading dedicated server provider

Built for you

UKFast’s dedicated servers combine cutting-edge technology with industry-leading support. From consultation to implementation, we put the needs of your business first, creating a custom package designed to suit your exact requirements.

Your problem, our solution

Whether you need a Magento or Shopware server to run your eCommerce site, a back-end database server, a control panel or any other specialist software hosting server – we’ll provide a solution that always delivers on performance, security and reliability.

Certifications and accreditation

Always hosted in our UK-based, wholly-owned data centres, a dedicated server from UKFast guarantees UK data sovereignty. The epitome of security, our 100% carbon neutral data centres are ISO 27001 and PCI-DSS compliant, with 24/7/365 security monitoring.

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