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According to a Corero Network Security report, DDoS attacks increased 40% in the first half of 2018 vs. the same period in 2017, with 77% of attacks lasting ten minutes. The report also states that attack victims are 20% more likely to come under siege once again within the first 24 hours of the initial attack.

57% of DDoS attacks during this period targeted the financial services industry, while 26% targeted IT Services, including Cloud and SaaS.

Our DDoSXplained toolkit aims to help your organisation understand and effectively defend against the DDoS threat.

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1. What is the DDoS Threat?

Our whitepaper is your guide to DDoS awareness and protecting your organisation from attack.

2. DDoS: No Compromise

Don't let DDoS take your business down. Our DDoS infographic provides the simple steps for DDoS defence.

3. The Memcached Attack

2018 is the year of the memcached attack. Our blog discusses the impact on vulnerable businesses.

4. How Secure is Your Network?

Our panel of industry experts discuss keeping your business networks safe against cyber-attacks.

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Protect your business with DDoSX®

Your business needs to be online 24/7, regardless of whether your server is under attack. To ensure the safety of your online assets UKFast has developed DDoSX®.

DDoSX investigates attacks and generates a unique fingerprint for each attack, identifying and redirecting this traffic away from your webserver, keeping your business online and functional.

DDoS attacks continuously flood your server and firewall with thousands of fake requests until the volume of requests causes the server to fail, and your site to go offline. It is vital that your organisation has measures in place to mitigate the impact on your business' continuity.

DDoSX detects and prevents even the most sophisticated of DDoS attacks, filtering out bad traffic so that your server only receives genuine traffic and your business operates as usual – even in the event of an attack.

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