DDoS Protection

UKFast’s sophisticated DDoSX® platform protects your business from the internet’s biggest attacks, keeping your platforms online when it matters the most.

What is DDoSX?

DDoS attacks continuously flood your server and firewall with thousands of fake requests until the volume of requests causes the server to fail, and your site to go offline. DDoS protection puts vital measures in place to mitigate the impact on your business’ continuity.

Our DDoS protection detects and prevents even the most sophisticated of DDoS attacks, filtering out bad traffic so that your server only receives genuine traffic and your business operates as usual; even in the event of an attack.

Why use DDoSX?

As technology advances, attackers adapt to make identifying a DDoS attack an increasingly complex task. Our increasingly connected world provides attackers with ample opportunity to take advantage of hundreds of thousands of vulnerable internet-connected devices, and use them to damage unsuspecting victims.

Mitigating DDoS attacks with DDoS protection, reduces the significant fall-out of a DDoS. DDoSX is our scalable, global infrastructure offering our clients the very best DDoS protection and Content Delivery Network Services. Discover what DDoS protection from UKFast can do for your business.

How does DDoSX work?

UKFast has invested in a global infrastructure to offer our clients the very best in DDoS protection, Content Delivery Network and Web Application Firewall services for their websites. We have built a global network which can scale over time to further develop the DDoS protection we can offer.

Our global infrastructure blocks DDoS attacks closer to the source to prevent DDoS traffic from ever hitting our core network in the UK. Instead, if DDoS traffic is detected, it is discarded from our infrastructure without being passed on to yours.

DDoSX is placed at the mitigation layer in front of your firewall and identifies a DDoS attack before it reaches your solution. It analyses the traffic that your server receives and identifies components that do not make up a typical, genuine request.

Whether you're the victim of a SYN flood or malformed HTTP requests, there's no need to worry. Our DDoS protection specialists are busy analysing historical reports to determine attack patterns and adapt our algorithms to ensure that we can defeat even the latest sophisticated, DDoS attacks.

Added features

Live Attack Visibility

Watch DDoSX block DDoS attacks in real time within MyUKFast. You can also view where the DDoS attacks originate with geolocation.

Web App Firewall

Protect your online assets with Web Application Firewall on DDoSX.

Content Delivery

Accelerate your websites and online content with our global Content Delivery Network.

Access Controls

Block or allow IP addresses, IP ranges and countries as necessary.

Fully Featured API

Automate setup and integrate your systems with the DDosX API. Take a look at the features and documentation.

Global Platform

Our Global DDoS network is designed to protect against major DDoS attacks.

Our Customers Say

We opted to include DDoSX within our package as we are always looking at the best possible preventative measures.”

How DDoS protection helped BFPP

The Business Fraud Prevention Partnership (BFPP) needed top-level security measures against cyber-threats to protect their infrastructure and data, while setting an example of best practice.

UKFast hosts the BFPP on a dedicated server behind a dedicated firewall. The bespoke package also includes DDoSX, which allows BFPP to focus on helping other businesses protect their online environment, secure in the knowledge that their own is in safe hands.

Works with your current hosting and DNS providers

Use DDoSX regardless of who you host with and who manages your DNS. Or simplify the management of your DNS records and DDoS protection by taking advantage of safeDNS.

safeDNS is UKFast’s easy-to-use DNS platform, with features closely integrated with DDoSX; meaning it's even quicker and easier to get setup, with 24/7/365 support from our team when you need it.

As safeDNS is protected by DDoSX your DNS lookup and resolution is protected and always available, even in the event of an attack.

The safeDNS API means you can integration and automate your DNS record setup, as well as your DDoS protection. With common functions and API standards across both safeDNS and DDoSX, it's simple to integrate the two. Visit the UKFast Developer Centre to learn more about what you can automate with the safeDNS and DDoSX APIs.

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Certifications and Industry Compliance

Your solution is only ever housed in our government and ISO-certified, ultra-secure data centres managed by security cleared personnel. And as an exclusively UK-based company, hosting with UKFast offers guaranteed data sovereignty. UKFast is a government approved supplier through the G-Cloud 12 framework.