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DDoS Protection

What is DDoS protection?

DDoS attacks are becoming increasingly common. They work by flooding your server and firewall with hundreds of thousands of fake requests and this continues to the point where the server fails to cope with the sheer volume of requests, leading to downtime.

Our anti-DDoS solution, sitting in front of your firewall and servers at the mitigation layer, detects and prevents even the most sophisticated of DDoS attacks. Filtering out bad traffic so that your server only receives genuine traffic, meaning it's business as usual even in the event of an attack.

DDos Protection diagram

What are the benefits?

Early Detection

Our unique monitoring systems detect and prevent DDoS attacks before they affect your business.

Maintain Uptime

Maximise solution availability, even during a DDoS attack and reduce the risk of prolonged periods of downtime.

Software Protection

Defend your web application software to keep your business running smoothly.


Flexibility to create and add new DDoS rules, decreasing the chance that you'll be affected by an attack

Data Security

Minimise the possibility of your important data being stolen

100% UK-Based

Gain peace of mind through best-in-class guidance, and support from our UK-based security experts

Under The Bonnet

UKFast's anti-DDoS solution is placed at the mitigation layer in front of your firewall and identifies an attack before it even reaches your solution. It analyses the traffic that your server receives and identifies components that do not make up a typical request.

This suspect traffic is intelligently filtered out and redirected to a decoy and the anomalies believe that they've reached and overwhelmed their target, avoiding degradation of your website services.

Off-routing traffic keeps your website online and accessible to your genuine customers.

Our online security specialists also analyse historical reports to determine attack patterns and adapt our algorithms to ensure that we can defeat even the latest sophisticated attacks. So, whether you're a victim of a syn flood attack or malformed HTTP requests, there's no need to worry.

"The nature of our business and the industry we're in makes us a very easy target for attacks. Our websites were running behind a dedicated firewall, but that couldn't stop the DDoS attack. UKFast were quick to step in and help; a DDoS mitigator was installed and since then we've never even been threatened with an attack, and have always remained online."

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