DDoS Protected Dedicated Servers

Increase your revenue, reduce downtime and avoid the pitfalls of running development, testing and production in a single environment. Fortunately, UKFast’s proprietary DDoSX network is highly effective at detecting DDoS attacks keeping your dedicated servers safe from botnets and spam traffic.

How does it work? DDoSX sits in front of your dedicated solution as a mitigation layer, intelligently analysing and filtering traffic before it gets to your server. The filtering process happens under the watchful eye of our security experts, who are constantly improving our attack mitigation algorithms, and our DDoSX network is designed to absorb any new attacks that manage to slip through.

Why stop there? Customers on our DDoSX network also have access to our content delivery network, for greater website speed, and our web application firewall, to shore up web application security.

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Our dedicated servers

  • Popular Configurations
  • Use Cases
  • Our Global Network
  • Added Security

Web server workloads

  • Dell R230
  • Intel Xeon CPU
  • 3.5 GHz Quad Core
  • 16GB RAM
  • 2 x 256GB SSD
  • RAID 1
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Small database operations

  • Dell R230
  • Intel Xeon CPU
  • 3.5 GHz Quad Core
  • 32GB RAM
  • 2 x 256GB SSD
  • RAID 1
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Mixed workload operations

  • Dell R230
  • Intel Xeon CPU
  • 3.5 GHz Quad Core
  • 64GB RAM
  • 2 x 512GB SSD
  • RAID 1
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Database or small hypervisors

  • Dell R630
  • Intel Xeon CPU
  • 2.10 GHz Oct Core
  • 96GB RAM
  • 4 x 512GB SSD
  • RAID 10
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Large database or hypervisors

  • Dell R630
  • Intel Xeon CPU
  • 2.10 GHz Oct Core
  • 128GB RAM
  • 4 x 512GB SSD
  • RAID 10
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  • Web Server Hosting

    Host your website on our high-performance Linux or Windows servers to gain optimum site speed, agility and performance and create a seamless user experience. We support WordPress, Magento, Shopware and more popular platforms.

  • eCommerce-Optimised Servers

    Designed to free up as much of the underlying hosting resource as possible, our eCommerce stacks give you lightning-fast webpage load speed and ensure your eCommerce solution can cope with huge spikes in traffic. Remain online at all times, even during your busiest periods.

  • Exchange Server Hosting

    Choose from a shared or dedicated Exchange hosting solution. Eliminate the hassle of hosting your own email servers with our secure, flexible, feature-rich Exchange hosting. Our in-depth knowledge of Microsoft hosting is the reason we are a leading Exchange hosting provider.

  • SaaS & Application Hosting

    If your business relies heavily on applications and software, having the right hosting infrastructure in place is critical. Our SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) compatible server platform gives you an 'always-on' hosting solution, with scalability and security built in.

  • Database Server Hosting

    Highly secure database hosting: ideal for MySQL, MS SQL, Oracle and PostgreSQL. Flexible, secure and highly available applications with round-the-clock management.

  • Specialist Software Servers

    Take advantage of our pre-configured dedicated server options to meet your specialised software needs - perfect for Moodle and Fintech applications.

Available O/Ss

    • Red Hat
    • CentOS
    • Debian
    • Ubuntu
    • Windows

    Dedicated Linux and Windows servers, build a solution tailored to your business needs. Available O/Ss include Red Hat Enterprise, CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu & Windows.

    UKFast’s multi-100Gb hosting network is built for redundancy, speed and security.

    With Points of Presence (POPs) located in the UK and Amsterdam, our Anycast network leverages global connectivity and sits behind our worldwide DDoS protection network, DDoSX®, to provide exceptional levels of cybersecurity as standard.

    • 100Gbps diverse fibre connections
    • 7 x 100Gb transit links
    • 3 x 100Gb & 2x 10Gb peering points
    • Intelligent routing of bandwidth
    • Port monitoring
    Dedicated Servers Network

    • Backup & Restore

      A customisable and flexible backup and restore solution.

    • Advanced Monitoring

      24/7 monitoring of your servers to identify potential vulnerabilities.

    • Data Recovery

      Suffered a failed hard drive? Immediate data recovery for minimum disruption.

    • SLA+

      Get priority support with 15-min rapid response and 1hr hardware replacement guarantee.

    • Annual Security Audits

      Proactively protect your servers with our annual security audit.

    • Bandwidth

      Protect yourself from unexpected bandwidth charges.

    Why our solution is right for you

    Winning support

    Reach a level 3 server engineer in 3 rings, whether day, night or public holiday. We pride ourselves in our unparalleled approach to support.

    Superfast servers

    Standard: Dell PowerEdge servers with Intel Xeon CPUs and SSD storage. Upgrades: NVIDIA GPU, NVMe SSD and up to 10Gbps

    One-stop shop

    Get certainty of performance with our add-ons including a CDN, web cache proxy, load balancer, WAF, backups and DR solutions


    PCI-compliant UK-based data centres, shared/dedicated network firewalls, WAFs, server monitoring, incident detection and response, SIEM solutions.

    Carbon neutrality

    We provide cleaner, CO2 net-zero hosting for a cleaner conscience, having achieved PAS 2060 certification for our data centres over 10 years ago.

    High connectivity

    Our core network is kept below 50% capacity to ensure highest levels of service and N+1 configuration to ensure no single point of failure.

    Who we work with...

    We are a trusted hosting partner for over 5000 clients including huge brands, public sector organisations and agencies who use our platform to host hundreds of client websites, apps and processes.

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