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Privacy Shield: How Will New Data Security Laws Impact Your Business?

The data security landscape is changing. Alongside tightening EU data protection laws, Privacy Shield is set to replace Safe Harbour as the framework for unchecked data transfer to the US. But what does this mean for your business?

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Inside The Privacy Shield Guide...

Privacy Shield Questions

Privacy Shield's unanswered questions and why these shouldn't be overlooked

EU Data Protection

What does the new EU-wide data protection law mean for UK businesses?

The Reaction

What will change in the wake of the new developments in data protection?


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Do you know where your data is?

The more third parties your hosting provider uses, the more complex your supply chain. The more complex your supply chain, the less sure you can be about where your data is travelling. If your cloud service is outsourced to a third party then there is no guarantee that your data is in an appropriately controlled environment, as required by the Data Protection Act.

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